Audit Management Solution 

Business Challenge 

 In an audit engagement the audit manager needs to track the audit process, the documents prepared for that particular audit (audit reports, working papers, etc), and managing the auditors under them to go for the fieldwork. MSI Alnoman & Ravi Chartered Accountants, an auditor based in Dubai, with multiple clients wished to have a software that can manage the audit tasks for a particular audit assignment, track the stage of an audit activity, plan the number of auditors that will be sent for fieldwork and manage the documents of the audit. They also needed strong user control and access for each stage of the audit, as only the Managing Partner had the complete access and power of authorising and approving certain reports. Currently, the firm was managing these tasks with excel and manual entry system. 

Zesty Labs Solution

In order to manage the audit activity, Zesty Labs has come up with a solution called   “Audit Tracker”.   Audit Tracker is a customized solution powered by Odoo, which can be used to manage the audit process. Audit Tracker is capable of monitoring an audit engagement, schedule any tasks for the respective auditors, load the relevant checklists for the particular area of  audit, track each stage of the audit process right from the Beginning till the issue of the final audit report. The Audit Tracker is also supported with a mobile app, which can be used by the auditors who have gone for fieldwork to track their timesheets for a particular audit task. This will enable the managers to know how much time a particular auditor has taken for a task and has it been completed within the expected time. 


    1. Reduced use of spreadsheets for workforce management.    
    2. Better tracking of audit activities based on the stages of each audit engagement.  
    3. User access controls for each employee.    
    4. Mobile solution, with a mobile app that synchronises with Odoo