ERP for Trading | Case Study

A complete Trading Company ERP case study 

This covers the complete end to end operations of a general trading company starting from taking orders till delivery, Ware house and packing management, Dispatch management, Order taking through mobile app, complete accounting 

A. Introduction

Medium sized general trading companies would have transactions typically spanning across 300 to 400 bills with a turn over of $50,000 to $100,000 a day. This translates to purchase and sales of goods in large volumes in a single day. In a typical general trading business, employees will have to coordinate with each and every department in order to make sure that the process is being handled efficiently. Many companies may lack a complete and comprehensive IT solution and will instead rely on platforms like Microsoft Excel or accounting softwares like Tally and Quickbooks to manage their accounting.  

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Challenges in Order Taking 

Capturing order in proprietory accounting software which does not have a cloud integration and various user touch points would give you hurdles in whether the order captured correctly, what is the order status, when the order will be delivered. For this lot of communication happens between customer to sales team to back office team over call and chat. This decreases the time to do business and more energy would be spent in communication.

See how Tradelite ERP provide solution for handling the orders from variety of channels. Read More

Inventory loss due to untracked packing

Packing mistake is a prominent issue in ware house and would lead to customer dissatisfaction and lost of money. Packing the right quantity at right pace is very much important  for Trading companies.

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Dispatch Management

Manual dispatch planning by selecting a set of packages targeted to various customer site located at different part of the region would a be a night mare for Trading companies.  

See how Tradlite ERP provides automatic grouping of delivery orders for various delivery & shipment partners based on the location and other factors. Read more

Due Monitoring

Customer payments at the right time is at the heart of Trading business. Any delay in customer payment would lead to cash shortage and destabilize the business. Monitoring the due payment and ageing of bills shall be tracked promptly in order to have a successful trading business.

See the option provided in Tradelite for Due Monitory. Read More

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Zesty Labs Solution 

In order to reduce the risk of errors and maintain the flow of information in a business efficiently, we have come up with a solution called TradeLite ERP. TradeLite is a customized ERP for trading companies, which includes Sales, Purchases, Inventory and Accounting modules. With TradeLite, a business can manage the complete transaction process; wherein the users can create their sales quotations, prepare sale orders, invoice the sales and receive the goods. The same can also be done in the purchases cycle, and also generate several reports such as inventory valuation, accounting reports like Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement and General Ledger. One of the most unique feature in TradeLite is the customized VAT configuration, which will be useful for accounting for VAT. 


    1. Complete business process tracking     
    2. User friendly and easy to use
    3. Full fledged accounting reports, which provide timely and accurate information
    4. VAT accounting configuration