HVAC Company Solutions

Business Challenge

Dubai Air Conditioning is one of the leading HVAC servicing companies in the UAE. Their main areas of business are project based jobs and servicing jobs. One of the key areas of service oriented businesses is to track each and every aspect that affect their direct cost. To be more specific, tracking the time an employee has taken to complete a particular job, the vehicle costs for transporting these employees to the job site, tracking the number of site visits done by their workforce and use of any materials in a particular maintenance jobs and the costs for doing so. Dubai A/C used to manually prepare employee timesheets on spreadsheets, calculate the employee costs based on these recorded timesheets and collect the bills of petrol costs and enter them into the respective documents that are related to a particular job. They had an accounting software which was used to enter the accounting transactions and the financial reports. They needed a complete and single ERP system in order to process all these information from one source. Furthermore, they also wanted to make sure that the contracts, timesheets and service reports can all be prepared and maintained in one platform rather than taking up large disk spaces in their office computers.

Zesty Labs Solution

After our functional and technical consultants gathered the requirements of the client, it was concluded that Odoo will be a perfect fit for the business, and we were able to develop a customized set of modules that will fit the client’s needs. The modules installed for the ERP system include CRM, Sales, Purchase, Accounting, Project Management, Service Management, Human Resource & Payroll modules. These modules have been exclusively customized by the Zesty Labs teams based on the inputs of Dubai A/C team, and how we can effectively incorporate their needs in the ERP system. With Odoo, their business operations have been streamlined and the flow of information can be tracked from one source. Furthermore in order to streamline their onsite visits and employee activities, we have developed a mobile application which allows the employees to login and enter their timesheets, and also let drivers manage their routes in order to calculate the fuel efficiency of their vehicles.


  1. Complete track of operations

  2. Single system for all business operations

  3. Mobile applications which synchronises with the ERP backend, thus updating data in real time

  4. Preparation of necessary reports with ease

  5. Proper management of workforce