Laundry Solution

Business Challenge 

Blossom Boutique Laundry, a laundry based in Dubai wants a complete ERP system that can manage all their business processes. They currently have a POS system in their shop, in which the users can only enter orders and print their receipts. They wanted a complete solution, where they can create sales orders, track their work in progress, track the items that have been delivered and items that are to be delivered, along with the accounting and HR modules. Currently, they are manually maintaining their job reports and business processes in spreadsheets. 

Zesty Labs Solutions

In order to ease the operations, Zesty Labs has developed a customized solution for laundries called “Kleanz ERP”. With Kleanz, you can track the job status of each item in a sales order and change the status once the job has been completed. Kleanz is also supported with an app, for both the users of the laundry (laundry staff or drivers) as well as for the customer. The app also helps track the pick and drop orders that are to be picked up from the customer’s location and delivered back.


  1. Complete mobility for users as well as customers in terms of placing orders through the mobile app

  2. Efficiently tracking the job status of each item

  3. Managing pickup and deliveries

  4. Reduced use of manual entry system