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Odoo price for POS in dubai


Odoo is an open source ERP software which is gaining high popularity in the business world and typically an alternative to proprietory and legacy systems like Oracle, SAP and Microsoft (Compare with Other Solutions ). 

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Hot Selling Apps

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CRM solution 

CRM Solution from Odoo is comprehensive and covers the entire life cycle of Marketing and Sales. Starting from the lead till the lead closure.  And with the help of Zesty Labs' Mobile application, you can capture your leads on the fly be it in Android devices or iOS.  Get to know how you can build a strong lead pipeline  


Inventory Management

Odoo Inventory management covers not only the stock but manages the complete flow of an incoming shipment till it reaches the customer location. Get to know how Zesty Labs' has helped a variety of customers across geography in managing their inventory efficiently to lead a lean business model.


Pest Control Management

Pesco is used widely among the Pest control companies in Dubai. With PESCO you can maintain the client contract, manage scheduled jobs, track timesheet and chemical usage, plan your field visit and more. Click here to know more about PESCO

We build custom Odoo solutions

PESCO is widely used by pest control companies in UAE

Trade Lite is popular among distribution and trading companies 

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

We are one of the top Odoo implementation and customization companies. Partner with Us!

Odoo Mobile Apps

Access real time data on the move with odoo mobile apps

Odoo Mobile Apps provides tremendous flexibility in terms of distributing the data across the users based on their role, especially people on the move. 

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Odoo price for POS in dubai

Odoo Integration possibilities

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Odoo Functional Consultants for ERP weigh bridge integration

Weigh Bridge Integration

Integrating ERP with weigh bridge helps the manufacturing unit to weigh incoming raw materials and outgoing products. This helps preventing fraudulant movement of materials in an out of the manufacturing unit. Read More

Odoo developers in dubai integrate zkteco biometric for attendance tracking

Biometric Integration

Now it is easier to track your employees attendance with the help of ERP integrated with Biometric devices. This reduces lot of manual and hectic effort in identifying the total working hours of an employee. Read more

POS Integration

Integrating with POS and back end centralized ERP is imperative for a consolidated view of the business across its multiple store outlets. Read More

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